Why To Convert YouTube Videos To iTunes


Videos can be shared, viewed and uploaded on YouTube and is a great online resource that can be used for free provided you have good internet connection. YouTube offers endless source of entertainment watching videos. If you are an Apple gadgets addict, you would want to download those to your Mac or iPhone and play it back without any restrictions. All you would need is the best music downloader for Mac. www.digitalmusicnews.com states that Apple has placed restrictions on Flash and hence FLV format is no longer supported on MAC OS. YouTube is also no longer supporting 4K video playback through Safari. Keeping all these restrictions in mind, there are very few options left on how to convert videos on YouTube to iTunes to be able to playback on iPhone or Mac PC.

Advantages of iTunes
The quality of videos and audios in iTunes is much better than what is uploaded to YouTube by users.
iTunes consume less disk space as it is in Mp3 format whereas the same file will occupy much more space in YouTube.
Transferring of files from YouTube to other devices is much more difficult than that of iTunes as YouTube does not have any inbuilt portable music player to transfer videos to other devices. iTunes can transfer either audio or video to iOS devices.

Why should you convert videos or audio from YouTube to iTunes?
iTunes though popular among Apple users does not have as much content in audio or videos as compared to YouTube. The accessibility and reach of YouTube are very high. Hence the content is also very varied. You have games, TV shows, educational videos, movies, songs, etc. Most of the content may not be on iTunes. Hence users of iTunes will want to convert those from YouTube to iTunes to enjoy the same content that is available on YouTube.
While iTunes charge a nominal fee for usage, YouTube is free for all. Downloading files from YouTube and converting to iTunes is free of charge. iTunes users can enjoy YouTube content provided they have a good internet connection to download files.
Managing content, audio or video is easier in iTunes than in YouTube. iTunes has many user-friendly features which will help in sorting and organizing files.
YouTube content can be deleted without any notice to the users so keeping it in your iTunes means that you can save the file safely in your backup.

How to convert from YouTube to iTunes

Download a converter on Mac
There are many converters available online which can convert YouTube to iTunes. Download one which has no charge. Using this software, choose a video which you have downloaded and saved to iTunes. Choose a software which supports batch conversion to iTunes format.

Output video format selection
Choose iTunes as the format of the output video. That will convert the FLV format to iTunes format, thereby syncing the footage of YouTube to be viewed on iPhone as well as iPad.

Select the output folder to save the converted files in the desired location. Click on Run Button, and that will transform your YouTube files to iTunes.

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