What To Look For In A Data Center Consultant

Data Center

If your company is planning to relocate your data center, it would be wise to appoint a professional consultant for the same. You need to first self-analyze the need to relocate for the company. If your business is entirely dependent on its IT setup and automation, then your data center will be massive and will require special expertise to relocate it. One of the renowned data center consultants, namely Basic Solutions, shared a similar strategy as that featured in www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2017/11/28/what-is-the-cost-of-information-technology-done-right/#7b9eb01c796f about the importance of taking your technology with you. The statistics of increasing importance of IT domain in all sorts of industries makes it imperative to manage the data centers with utmost care.

In business, we may often need to decide to relocate for a number of reasons and may plan to outsource the data center for better control. Taking professional assistance ensures proper and error-free transfer of your data, whether it is moving the entire data center to a new location or simply offloading the data to the cloud through a third party data centre.

When hiring a data storage consultant, you can find out their level of knowledge regarding the IT domain and data centers by talking to them. The level of expertise and experience is an important consideration to ensure that they perform the task efficiently. Their capability to forecast the scope and cost of the complete process is also equally important. The consultant should be articulate enough to estimate the magnitude of the relocation project and all its associated costs. This way, you will be able to manage the project’s finances and timelines better.

Your consultant should be flexible to any last-minute changes in the plan. They should be responsible enough to take the blame as well as appreciation for any vital decisions they make for the company. They should be open to suggestions and inputs and work towards mutual trust. Since a lot of things are at stake in case of the relocation such as the decision to expose vital client data or the finances of the company, you should hire someone who is discreet and trustworthy.

An experienced data center consultant will review all the elements of the relocation lifecycle right from design and facility specifications to project management. They will be undertaking all the coordination and be acting as a liaison with other vital players in the networking team, vendors and system administrators. They should have expertise in managing the power scheme to facilitate the changing power consumption patterns as well as be capable of giving advice on advanced cooling options as this will affect the layout and architecture of the data center. Having a license or a certification in IT management will be an added advantage as they would be able to judge what needs to be done to tie the whole process together with the services of the external vendors.

Hiring a data consultant can amount to about 25% of the total project cost at the most; hiring them is still a worthwhile decision to make simply because with the level of complexity and cost involved in the data center relocation process, you cannot afford to let anything go wrong. The bottom line is, if you know what your company needs and the consultant offers that expertise, then going ahead with their appointment is the wiser choice.

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